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Advanced Therapeutic Massage
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South Windsor, CT

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Kim Midford, LMT, CR
Renewed Body and Mind, LLC 

Integrative medical therapies with advanced training in:
Oncology Massage


Massage Therapy
* Swedish massage is meant to melt away the effects of stress and tension in your body. Light to medium pressure and long, flowing strokes are used to induce relaxation and bliss.

*Deep tissue/therapeutic massage is results-oriented. Sessions are tailored according to your needs to produce relief from pain and chronic problems. Pressure is typically medium to deep, but never beyond your level of tolerance.

60 minutes/$75                                                                         90 minutes/$110

*Hot stone massage - Imagine how relaxed your muscles feel after a nice, hot bath. Hot stones are placed on the body as well as in the massage therapist's hands to help aide in deeper muscle relaxation.

                                                  60 minutes/$90                                                                         
Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy that applies specific pressure to the over 7000 nerve endings present in each foot. These nerve endings are connected to each organ system and function in your body. Relaxing these nerve endings opens energy pathways to their related systems, helping your body heal and come into balance. 

45 minutes/$60                                                                           60 minutes/$75

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